When do babies start walking the baby’s first step

Ever since the beginning of their second year, most babies take their first steps and become young children. This independent movement opens up a whole new world for a child.

Wake up at night

The period just before the child begins to take his first steps can be difficult for you. Before they start walking, prospective toddlers often wake up at night every four hours or so. Try not to be too frustrated by routine problems. The big business the child is preparing for will be worth it. Do not be surprised or upset if the child screams as soon as you leave him or her. The child also wants to walk around. Feeling threats are based on the child’s new goals – reaching independence.


Go like this

How your child begins to walk says a lot about the child’s personality. Is the child thoughtful and careful? A bit bold and careless? How the child does, however, is full speed ahead when he or she is up. The happiness of the company gives energy from morning to evening and a little bit more. ┬áSee how the child manages a slope or slope, or another surface, such as grass. It will be something new and exciting for you both.

Tip: Your child will need simple shoes outdoors or on an uneven surface. Otherwise, barefoot is the best.