Tips when your baby stats moving, standing and crawl

You may not notice every little change, but your child’s little body and mind grows and develops all the time. This way you can help your child reach large motor milestones (movements using large muscle groups).

Stretch One of the early motor development stages is to stretch your hand for something. Your little child is likely to start with this when she is 4-7 months old.

Then you can help. Blow soap bubbles in your child’s direction and encourage him or her to stretch for them. Place a favorite toy just out of reach.

Sit. Many toddlers can sit with support at 6 months of age and start to sit without support soon.

When your child can sit for a few moments without tipping, you can introduce simple games, like clapping your hands or rolling a ball. Do it briefly – a few minutes at a time – and always close to your child. A C-shaped pillow (for example a nursing pad) can provide easy support.

Crawl. This usually occurs when the child is 7-10 months old.

When your child begins to move forward by his own power, make sure that the space he or she explores is safe and under the supervision of the adult. You can also try placing a thin, rolled blanket under your child and show how to swing back and forth on your hands and knees. Swinging is the pretext of crawling – before you know the word, you will chase your child all over the home!


Stand. At about 9-11 months of age, your child may try to get up in a standing position. Your child will gradually improve his muscle strength, balance and coordination until he or she can stand without help.

Then you can help to make sure to give your child unlimited playtime on the floor every day. Restrict time in, for example, highchairs and swingers.

It is during these early months that your child develops the skills and moves required to master the complex skills of walking, running, jumping and climbing. Encourage your child by challenging him or her to do a little more every day. Your child will go running before you know the word!