The Baby And The Relationship With The Brothers

In general, the arrival of a new baby at home is highly anticipated and celebrated by the other children(siblings). When the baby grows older siblings have fun playing with him, which in turn tries to imitate his older brother or sister, which stimulates his development. It is not surprising that at some point some of the children go through a stage of jealousy



As he becomes more mobile, the baby will want to play with his older siblings and use his toys. Usually the brothers will be happy that this happens, since children usually see babies as a great entertainment. At any age, a brother is a great gift. Sharing experiences with siblings is a training field for the competitiveness of adult life, to assimilate social relationship rules, to share emotions.


The baby who has older siblings benefits from higher doses of stimuli for their development. It is often observed that when the baby sees his brother or sister, he smiles, becomes agitated, rejoices. For the older one, it means learning responsibilities, develop a close bonds that will last a lifetime but it is also a great satisfaction to see how “important” it is for the child.


The baby will try to invade the “territory” of the elderly and take control of everything that catches your attention. Siblings should be warned that their toys are dangerous to him and will prevent him from picking them up.


It is essential that parents develop activities in which all children can participate, such as putting music to dance, entertaining with magazines, stories, dolls of soft materials …The presence of a baby in the house should not be a reason for older siblings to stop playing with things of their age.


They can do it but in a safe place that the small child can not access or while the child is sleeping. The parents have to propitiate this space to their older children so that they do not feel hurt by the arrival of a new brother. It is common to have episodes of jealousy in the older brother (there are also cases of reverse jealousy, from the small to the older, although a little later).