Baby constipation measures against constipation in babies

Constipation is when the stool becomes irregular, hard or painful, and is a common problem. Approximately three percent of all preschool children and one to two percent of all school children get constipation at some point. If your child usually has a bait every few days, there is probably no need for concern. In fact, 94 percent of all children between 3 and 4 years have a very varied pattern of feces, ranging from three feces a day to three in the week.


What causes constipation

The initial reason for constipation may be one of the following:

Diet. Diet with too little fiber.

Behavior. Your child may have tried to keep the bait in the pot training.

Response to pain. It may suffice that the child has been hurt once when he / she has been baiting for it to stop completely.

Regardless of the reason, a pole will not be able to come out both bigger and harder over time. It hurts and the child responds to tension instead of relaxing and letting nature go.


If constipation lasts for a while, softer stools can sometimes penetrate the dry and come out. Therefore, you can find diarrhea-like stains in the child’s underwear. This diarrhea-like condition is not a normal bowel movement and is beyond your child’s control. On the other hand, it is a sign that something must be done, especially if your child is adversely affected by the social context.

Then you handle constipation

Because constipation can also be a sign of medical complications, it may be good to rule out other conditions with the help of a doctor. Your child probably does not need to undergo any major tests. The doctor looks at the problem history and control length and weight and makes a general examination. The doctor knows who knows the intestine with his finger, and if done carefully, hopefully it will not be too annoying for the child.

Fiber supplements

Think about your baby’s dietary habits. Children who drink a lot of milk or do not eat fruit, vegetables and whole grain flakes and whole grain bread can get themselves into small fibers. Therefore add fiber in every possible way: apples and pears instead of bananas, full grain barley instead of chocolate bars, oatmeal instead of plain cakes and whole grain bread instead of white bread. Raw vegetables with a good dip sauce are also recommended. The crayfish children may need some kind of fiber supplement.

Focus on reward

Do not punish your child or express anxiety or dissatisfaction if he or she does not want to go to the bathroom. Instead, determine a number of rewards when your child actually decides to visit the home room. It is common for constipation and a smaller amount of blood to come out, but pay attention to whether childbirth suddenly swells, or if he or she also wrinkles, and also check if a lot of blood comes out with the stool and your child is in pain.

And keep in mind that constipation is a common problem in young children, especially those who are a little discerning. If you mix a little with your baby’s diet, the problem can be solved in no time!