5 Frequent Overprotection Errors

Take care of him yes, Overprotect him no. He seems helpless, but he has a whole year! and enough skill to touch, walk, climb and fall. You have to watch over his health, but without cutting his wings. He need to fly free to learn.

5 frequent overprotection errors

We are reluctant to accept that this small earthquake that runs through the park excited and that does not stop opening and closing drawers at home is no longer the helpless baby we have had in the cradle for twelve months. Now he is a much more independent person who has just discovered all the possibilities offered by the world. He likes them all and wants to experiment with everything touching, sucking, smelling … Dangerous? Not necessarily.

Children are much stronger and tougher than they seem, we are the parents who insist on treating them as if they were weak. That is why we make mistakes of overprotection believing that in this way our little one will be better taken care of and even healthier, and we do not realize that many times we are making mistakes.

Hygiene, Do You Bathe Every Day?

(ERROR) Hygiene is important, it can not be denied, but do not fall into obsession. For many, the daily bath is part of the ritual of going to sleep and it is their little bit of relaxation and play with their parents. In that case, there is nothing to object What’s more, we must maintain it. But a one-year-old child, unless he comes from the sand-battered park from head to toe, does not need to go to the bathtub on a daily basis. While the bum is clean after diaper changes and wash hands well before eating and going to sleep, the bathroom can alternate as best we can.

Shelter Him A Lot

It is one of the mistakes that parents comment more often, especially for fear of catching a cold. But pediatricians make it very clear, a cold is caught by infection, not by being cold. When a baby develops sleeping, it’s because it’s hot. Surely we have slept with a long-sleeved body and chubby pajamas, in addition to the comforter, and it is not strange that the poor man grabs and tries to get away from the clothes that are left over.

How to help you overcome obstacles?

Letting him rehearse and allowing him to fail, because learning means being wrong again and again. When parents encourage their child to overcome mistakes, they are conveying the idea that they can achieve their goals. Positive reinforcements allow you to move forward.

Use any means for them to eat

This stage usually coincides with the introduction of a more varied diet and with less crushed food and most of them find it hard to get used to it. That is why many parents are overwhelmed, because their baby, who until now was a glutton, in a few weeks “has stopped eating”. It’s not like that, they know what they have to eat and how much, and if they maintain their own activity at this age and are happy, they are healthy and do not need to eat more.

In addition, after twelve months children eat less because they grow at a much slower rate than when they were breastfeeding. Therefore, their nutritional needs are also lower.

Do not take him to daycare for fear of getting sick

When a child goes to daycare, it is almost always because their parents work and can not have it at home. It can also happen that they choose to hire a babysitter or that their grandparents take care of them so that, by not going to the store, they are safe from contagions and diseases. It is true that taking him to the nursery has the risk more than likely that they get malitos more frequently, especially the first year. But make no mistake, staying at home the kids also get bad. It is not advisable, then, to keep the child inside a glass bubble to avoid diseases and infections that are absolutely normal at their age and that will suffer sooner or later.


Delaying their incorporation into the real world and preventing contact with other children, the only thing we achieve is to delay their socialization. In addition, we will be trying to avoid the inevitable, such as catching colds and small infections that recover quickly and also strengthen your immune system.