When To Move From The Cradle To The Bed

The passage from the cradle to the bed is an important moment in the child’s life. Although the usual thing is that the change happens without problem, it is advisable to take some precautions before taking this step.


In bed the child is free to get up and walk around the house (in the crib their movements are more limited). Therefore, before changing, it is important to have a good sleep ritual implanted.

At the beginning it may be necessary to limit the bed by means of security barriers or an acoustic system that warns us if you leave your room. You will have to visit him frequently so he does not feel locked up.

The bed has to be safe and wide, not too high and without protruding corners. Better to place it away from windows and plugs.

To celebrate that it is longer the day you go to bed, we can organize a small party to celebrate the change. Let’s not forget to inform family and friends of how much greater your son or daughter is. They can help you to disassemble his old crib and assemble the new bed.

If the child is very restless, before finally going to bed you can place his mattress on the floor.

Plus, It is not a good idea that the change coincides with other changes in the child’s life, for example because he has had a brother. This could encourage jealousy.

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