This Is The Christmas Party At Your Child’s Nursery

The expected Christmas party usually coincides with the last day of class, before the holidays. That whole day is joy in the nursery school, Christmas carols are sung, instruments are played and everyone eats Christmas sweets.


The Christmas party is a perfect excuse for kids to learn to do fun things,

What is the party?

  1. Carols

The little ones love to sing Christmas songs and play with zambombas and tambourines. In addition, it is very enriching because they work at the same time the rhythm and the corporal expression.

  1. Decoration

The children have fun and it is exciting to decorate the classroom with their educator. Sometimes families are asked to collaborate so that each child contributes something. Parents can also help decorate the class, place the balls, the tinsel, the lights, etc.

  1. Departures

To motivate them in the face of the party, educators usually organize some sort of outing in order to live Christmas live. They will see the decoration of the streets, visit a typical flea market of these dates.

  1. Special Activities

There are many nurseries that involve parents in some activities such as storytelling, workshop to make original Christmas and do it yourself, Christmas decorations..


The Christmas Function

It is the most important part of the party. Generally the children, dressed for the occasion of little shepherds, Christmas balls, trees and flowers, sing a song or stage a dance, which they have previously prepared in class. Other times, with the older ones, even a small play is made.

For children it is very important to dress up and go out on stage to represent that they are a tree, a star or a hen.

The Christmas Party For Babies

Babies are best preserved from these celebrations because so much activity makes them nervous and only serves to alter them. It is also preferable to leave children of up to one year or a year and a half away from mass celebrations.

The kids should not wear costumes that encores them or exaggerated hats that harbor them too much, because in the classes it is quite hot.


How Can Parents Participate?

As parents, we must give this event all the importance it deserves and participate in all the preparations. It is essential that if the school invites the parents to attend the representation and the party, we look for a place to accompany our children in such a special day.

In some schools the tables turn and in the function those who become actors and actresses are the dads and the mothers. It is also very fun for the little ones to see their parents on stage demonstrating their interpretative skills.


What you have to avoid so that the child can enjoy the Christmas function

You must NOT force the child to disguise himself if he does not want to. If you feel like it, you should not paint your face excessively (your skin is very delicate) or cover it with masks that overwhelm you.

You should NOT scare them. If you are the one who are going to disguise ourselves, you can do it in front of them so that they can see the transformation little by little. It is important that they can recognize us even in disguise.

NO plastic bags should be left at your fingertips. They could use them to put them on their heads, pretending they are masks, with the serious risk that this entails.


What Do Children Learn At The Christmas Party?

Parties in the nursery not only meet a goal of leisure and celebration, they also work on aspects of high educational content.


In all the preparations, teamwork and cooperation are necessary. Carrying out activities of this kind in early childhood is paramount so that children learn to help each other to achieve a common goal. They are not competitive games, it’s about doing things together and not against each other. The goal is achieved thanks to the sum of the efforts of all children.


Building garlands, murals or Santa Claus hats, they learn to work with a specific purpose. Cutting, gluing or painting develop their manipulation skills, eye-hand coordination and the ability to follow instructions. It also improves your attention since, for example, to make the masks will have to observe and adjust to a model.

Symbolic Game

As much in the preparations as in the own celebration, while they play to disguise themselves and to put themselves in the place of the other, they are enhancing their capacity of symbolization. Also the memory, because to do of shepherds or of lambs they will have to conjugate the game with their previous knowledge. Another advantage of disguises is that they encourage communication with others as well as with themselves.


Both in the preparations and in the party itself, all kinds of languages (and not just the oral one) are set in motion. The musical expression is basic to sing, follow rhythms with the body, play instruments or not lose step in the dance. The corporal expression is the basis of the rehearsals and the staging of the Christmas or end of the year function.

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