The Most Frequent Cravings of Pregnancy

It is a recurring topic of conversation when it comes to pregnancy or when we see a movie in which someone expects a baby. Who has not heard that her son was born with a strawberry mark on his leg from a whim that he could not satisfy or has seen a movie in which a pregnant woman wakes up her husband at midnight because she has a craving for vanilla ice cream with nuts?

Now we are going  reveal what are the most frequent cravings of pregnancy.


The sweet, the star craving

Up to two sweet foods are in the lead when we talk about whims in pregnancy. Chocolate aroused the wishes of 68% of respondents and ice cream, 57%. Behind are the chips, for 39%; fruit, in 33% of cases and olives, anchovies and crackers, all with 25%.


Extravagant combinations

If there is an adjective that describes the mixtures of ingredients that many pregnant women reported. Have you ever thought of picking gherkins with chocolate, a sandwich of lentils, fried potatoes with chocolate syrup or dipped in milk with cocoa? Well, these are not the only ones that the study refers to. It also mentions anchovies with condensed milk, banana with parmesan, sausages with strawberry yogurt, banana pizza with pepperoni or cockles with banana.

At all hours

It is in the afternoon when it is most frequent to have cravings. The evening and the well-known which go from breakfast to food, stand out. Less common are those who attack before going to sleep, in the middle of the night or when waking up.

But do they really exist?

Much has been discussed about the real existence or not of cravings in pregnancy. The gynecologists seem to agree that the special appetites in this period respond almost always to the needs of our body. For example, if you feel the need to drink chocolate, it is very likely that your blood sugar level has dropped and you are claiming an extra dose. Salty foods are associated with stress drops and the craving for vinegary foods, such as pickles or pickles help the body to digest. From there to affirm that you have to take that portion of strawberries with chocolate that you so much like, there are several steps.

The recommendation is to satisfy those cravings that are reasonable, not to exceed the amount of calories ingested and not obsessed with the hypothetical consequences that do not take something you want to have on your baby. Unsatisfied cravings have nothing to do with the presence of spots on any part of the body!

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