Simple Tips to  Change diapers like a pro

Basic accessories for perfect diaper change. Test some direct tips from other mothers on how to simplify the change of diaper.


Be sure to make the process as short as possible for your baby by having all the necessary accessories at hand (diapers, wipes, diaper bags).

Double diaper trick.

Some mothers have discovered that it is good to put a clean diaper under the bee before removing the dirty diaper. All ways are good except the bad ones!

Talk to your baby.

Tell your baby what’s happening. Your voice has a very calming effect on your little child. Diaper replacement is a perfect opportunity for a little extra contact between you and your baby. Instead of seeing the change of clothes as a necessary must, take the opportunity to talk a little with your baby and do the routine for a nice moment.

Make the diaper change fun.

Maintain your baby during the change of sores by putting something nearby that he or she can watch. For example, a colorful or sparkling toy or toy that sings.

If you have a good strategy, you can turn the diaper change into a cozy moment together with your baby.

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