Rhymes And Songs To Learn And Have Fun

From a very young age, children have a special interest in songs and rhymes

Already in mom’s gut, experts say that music calms the fetus. After birth, it helps you sleep and relax and it distracts you when you change your diaper.

At the beginning, rattles and music boxes are the best way to get closer to music.

After the acquisition of language, rhymes, riddles and tongue twisters become the kings of fun.

And is that, for many toys that are at hand, there is nothing that children like more than a musical session with dad and mom, in the nursery or in the park with other children.

What does it bring?

Music and rhymes, besides having fun and entertaining, play an important role in the growth process of the little ones.

They memorize something better when it goes with music or in rhymed .

Through rhythm (simply clapping to the beat or enumerating words rhythmically and in a certain order), they begin to become familiar with basic math concepts.

With the repetition of gestures, sounds and words in a specific order, the development of logic and spatio-temporal notions is stimulated.

With rhymes and songs they acquire vocabulary and organize their language skills, increase their listening, memorizing and concentration skills.

They develop their auditory sensitivity, thanks to the progressive discovery of the different types of relationships that govern and order the world of sound, heights, timbres, durations, intensities, textures of music …

Learning songs and singing lets them express themselves freely and awakens their imagination, their artistic sensibility and their creative potential. The songs that allow the interventions and the interaction between several singers are especially stimulating, as well as those in which you can ‘improvise’ dancing, changing some words or rhyming differently each time.

In addition, learning songs and singing contributes to the internalization of values ​​such as self-control, perseverance, responsibility and cooperation.

Perhaps best of all is that singing and rhyming with family is one of the activities that our children will remember the most as adults. It allows us to perpetuate our family heritage, while children love to share the joy of music with us. If we stop to think, surely we remember some songs that our mother or our grandfather sang to us, and that we can sing with our children, so that they can pass them on to theirs and so on generation after generation.

Life with rhymes, music and songs is more fun and helps children learn, grow and have fun. These activities are perfect for practicing with your friends or as

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