Keys To Understanding A 2 Year Old Child

The way of understanding the world of a two-year-old child has nothing to do with that of the elderly. At this age, children do not have the capacity to put themselves in the place of the other, nor to calibrate well the consequences of their actions.

It does not show gratitude

There was no way to make Alberto understand that his cousin’s ride was not his, and each visit to his aunt’s house became a drama. His parents gave him one of his Saint’s day as a surprise. But when he received it, he did not flinch. Had he lost interest?

What happens?

It is not that Alberto is discontented, it is that he is disconcerted by the new feeling that he begins to know, be it gratitude or immense joy. Two years later they still do not have the capacity to put themselves in the place of the other, which is why, no matter how much effort their parents have put in finding a rider identical to their cousin’s, he does not understand that he should be grateful.

What to do

Nothing, except wait until he grows to be able to see his happiness when he achieves the things he desires very much.

Today it’s time to be unruly, and mom and dad are getting fed up. For Salvador to change his attitude, they say ‘Do you want to stay without seeing Papa Pig this afternoon?’ Answer calmly, ‘Yes’. The hour of the drawings arrives and mom turns off the TV. Then, he starts crying inconsolably and asks why they have done it.

What happens?

It is not that he does not distinguish between affirmative and negative answers, he simply does not calibrate well the dimension of the punishment and does not know its consequences either.

What to do

To avoid being thrown back then, you have to do things immediately. This will make it much easier to understand the relationship between cause and consequence.

Just answer specific questions

You can spend a whole afternoon talking, but when mom or dad asks you how it is at the daycare center, what you did this afternoon or how you have spent the weekend with your grandparents, you get the silence for an answer.

What happens?

This reaction is quite common in children of two years. They are questions with a very unspecific answer and it is difficult for him to summarize everything he has done or thinks. Not knowing where to start or what to prioritize, choose to shut up.

What to do

Specific questions of the type, ‘What did you like most about the weekend?’ or ‘Have you played with the cousins’ dolls?’ They are much easier to answer.

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