Keys For Our Children To Be Happy

The child psychologist affirms categorically that parents are in charge of transmitting to their children good values ​​such as tolerance, forgiveness, compassion, effort, gratitude, daily work and perseverance.

“Happiness, say numerous scientific studies, is determined by 50% for genetics, 10% for external circumstances and 40% depends on us, intentional and emotional activities that lead us to be happy,” says the child psychologist in her book ‘We want happy children. What they never taught us (from 0 to 6 years old) ‘.


  1. Do not label children, Do not fall into the mistake of labeling children, as if being bad is something that can not be changed. In this way we will only get that child to get used to the adjective and, therefore, refuse to change his personality.
  2. Favoring their autonomy, A child who is not autonomous in the long run becomes a vulnerable child, influenced and dependent on his environment. For this reason, parents have the task of favoring their autonomy at a young age to make them happier children.
  3. Personal achievement, Parents have to get their children to achieve their goals by themselves, without continuously being the figure of dad or mom behind them supervising their actions. Children notice when they are getting things on their own merits, and that makes them feel more secure
  4. Education in values, It is the parents’ task to transmit to their children values ​​such as tolerance, forgiveness, compassion, effort, gratitude, daily work and perseverance. With these values ​​children can be realized as people.
  5. Overprotection, recognizes that falling into overprotection will cause children to be more insecure, have fewer skills, and in the long term, be less happy.


  1. Be grateful, It is important to instill in children the basic norm of giving thanks, since one of the main factors qualified as a predictor of happiness is the ability to be grateful.
  2. Do not dramatize, Do not exaggerate too much when children do something wrong, instead of increasing the problem we should help the children to find a way to solve it.
  3. Stimulate the intelligence of babies, The stimulation that a child receives at the beginning of his life is fundamental, the knowledge acquired during the first six years of life will determine his education in the future.


Parents are a basic pillar for children to increase their level of happiness, so you have to be aware in order to make our children happy.

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