Is It Possible To Correct Your Baby?

Babies are like sponges, they absorb everything they see, hear and feel around them and this is how they begin to form an idea of ​​themselves, of the others and the world that surrounds them.


In this process, the role of parents and the adults who care for them is definitive for their good growth and development, so it is important that during this journey parents are loving and know how to teach them from childhood the rules and limits that should be follow.


The first rules of life for babies are established through the habits and routines that are followed from children, such as feeding, bath time, bedtime, and the time of play. These activities carried out always at the same time and in the same order help the children to adapt to the world, allows them to feel safe and to know that they have an adult who takes care of them, cares for them and loves them.

In addition, habits and routines are important because, psychologist specializing in psycho-pedagogy, explains, “with the good habits that we establish in our children, we will teach them a continuous way to behave, because that is the advantage of good habit, which teaches the child to continue a progressive behavior in time, is not something momentary, it is a behavior that the child internalizes “.


While parents attend to the needs of the baby it is important that they speak to him with love, to show him what he has to do with a loving, affectionate and firm voice. It is essential that the child feels that his parents are sure of what that he must follow, because that will guarantee stability to the little one.


“It is important that when educating our children, we as parents, as a family, establish from very small habits and routines that are complemented with norms and limits, which adapt as the child grows, because the needs go being very different in each moment, always understanding that children love to have fun and have fun and that sometimes for them it is sometimes difficult to define what are the duties and rules that can not disrespect. Parents and adults are here to guide them through this process”.


Without shouting, much less, blows

Parents should understand that babies are knowing the world and the function of adults is to teach them how to do it in a safe and loving process. It is very useful to understand that when a child is corrected how he should do something, he is being taught, this facilitates that the relationship between parents and children is a guide and not an authority that only corrects and obliges.


That is why screaming and beating should not be part of a child’s education, they also hurt their self-esteem and confuse it. In the first place, if you shout at the child, it is usually because the child loses control and this confuses the child, because he does not know what is happening.

Dad and his mother yell at him, why does that hand with which Mama caresses him hits him in the face, why does that mouth that tells him that he loves him say some awesome rudeness?

and yells at him. ” The child’s world enters into an ambivalence.


In addition, the screams and blows are a total disrespect for the child, towards what he is as an individual and in relation to the relationship with the father or mother generates first, fear; second, distrust and third, disorientation because the child can not understand what is happening.


The best way to correct a child is to teach him with love, respect and firmness that is right and what is wrong, and it is fundamental to differentiate between the child and his behavior.

You should tell the child that he did something wrong, but that is not why he is bad. It is very different to tell a child that he is dirty, for example, to tell him that he is dirty. The meaning of each of these phrases is very different and this must be clear to the child.


Discipline Babies

The best way to correct a child is to teach him with love, respect and firmness that is right and what is wrong.


Consistency, the key

Babies learn a lot by example, tend to copy what they see their parents do, to follow their behavior, so it is important to be consistent between what is said to the child and what is done. It does not bring good results if for example the dad tells his baby to fall asleep, but he puts the music to full volume and leaves all the lights on at night.


And it is also very important to be consistent with the rules. If, for example, the child is not allowed to approach the place where the crockery is stored because he may have an accident, because whenever he approaches, he should be told that not until he learns, it can not be that sometimes it is allowed and other.

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