If you have a baby, do not forget to take care of your back

Much is said about the back pains of pregnant women but the truth is that, once the baby is born and as he grows some of these discomforts come back to make an appearance. Carrying more weight from the account and adopting inappropriate positions are usually the most frequent causes of back problems, something that should be avoided, since caring for the back is essential to avoid major problems in the future.

Why does my back hurt?

Back pain is one of the most frequent reasons for medical consultation and sick leave in most places. One of the main causes of these pains are the bad postures, gestures and movements that we do on a daily basis without realizing it and that little by little, are affecting the muscles and ligaments of our vertebral axis.

It also has a direct effect on the back stress and tension. Lack of exercise can also be the cause of discomfort in the back, as muscles weaken. The excess of weight, and to load with kilos of more of brusque way, is another one of the factors that contributes to that they appear this type of pains.

If you have a baby, as you grow and gain weight, you will see that back discomfort, especially in the lower back, appears more frequently. It is important that you analyze what you can do to improve your day to day to try to avoid these pains that, in the long run, can become a chronic problem.


Good (and bad) practices


Caring for posture is essential to prevent muscle pain of any kind. Thus, you should watch how you position yourself when you are breastfeeding your baby to avoid overloading the cervical and lumbar muscles. In the same way, stand with your back straight when you are playing with your baby, using cushions or pillows if necessary.

Loading with excess weight is not adequate and can harm your back. If you have to take several heavy lumps do it from a correct position, always bending the knees and with the back straight, without tilting and avoiding sudden movements.

Apply this method also when you go to take the baby to sit in the car seat and also to lower it. If you want to carry your baby in your arms, the most comfortable thing for both of you is that you use an appropriate baby carrier according to your age, especially if you are going to do it for long periods of time.


Good posture

At bedtime, do it on a firm mattress that is in good condition. This must have the appropriate hardness according to our needs. Try to rest in a correct position that does not adversely affect your back, such as on your back or on your side with your knees bent, using a pillow that is not too high.

Move on

Moderate physical exercise is highly recommended if you have back problems, as it will help strengthen the muscles and improve flexibility and mobility of the back. Of course, it is advisable that after exercising do stretches to avoid muscle overload.

Some exercises are especially appropriate for people with discomfort in the back, such as swimming or walking, as they allow toning and strengthening the back without making an overstrain. Yoga is also a highly recommended practice, which you can even do with your children.

If the lack of time is an inconvenience or you prefer to do the exercises at home, there are many options to strengthen the muscles of the back without you having to move around

Both yoga and the mentioned postural exercises will help you to relax your back muscles. If you also combine these activities with good breathing, you will avoid discomforts and ailments of this type.


The fair weight

On a daily basis, try to be practical and not carry more weight than your back can withstand without resenting. Prioritize what you really need and avoid carrying more things than necessary. Health is the most important and it is better to take two trips, which lead to muscular discomfort in the future.

Some accessories can make your life easier and help you look after your back. When you buy children’s childcare objects try to be manageable, versatile and foldable. Weight is always a factor to consider, since sooner or later you’ll have to carry them (to go on vacation, to grandparents’ house, get on the bus..)

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