How to get your baby to like vegetables

Vegetables are essential foods in children’s diets, but they do not always like them. The same goes for vegetables or fish, which some people love while others dont. That the kids eat varied and, above all, that they enjoy while eating, should be one of our objectives. So, here are some guidelines to get the kids to like the peas, the broccoli, the hake, the lentils, the green beans…


Vegetables can be fun

Many times we associate eating vegetables with boring eating. Even adults. it is normal that this unconscious message is permeating the smallest and end up not wanting to see them or in paint. The first thing you should do is to be positive when you talk about foods that you do not like. It is not necessary to praise the wonders of the cauliflower on a daily basis, but to speak about those foods with naturalness and from a positive point of view.


Involving children in the preparation of food is a good motivation to try them

The way in which we cook food also greatly influences the fact that we enter by sight or not, especially in the smallest. Some boiled chard or a piece of grilled hake is a less appetizing dish. Cast imagination (internet is an inexhaustible source of ideas) and look for new recipes with those dishes that, until now, your kids did not want. You have to think of new ways of cooking food to make it tastier and more attractive.


When it comes to serving them, try not to offer them two foods they hate in the same meal. On the contrary, we recommend serving them with your favorite dishes, seasoned as they like. For example, you can prepare some macaroni with vegetables and natural tomato sauce, some chickpea burgers, a spinach quiche and sweet ham, cod dumplings, cauliflower batter, tempura vegetables … The objective is not to hide them, but to combine them and make a healthy and irresistible menu for any palate.


Mother And Daughter Making The Purchase

Being familiar with the foods that are on the table is another step that contributes to their interest in trying them. How to do it? Involving the children in the process. The first step can be to accompany you to make the purchase and even help you choose which ingredients to choose by thinking about what dish you will prepare. One of the maxims of healthy eating is: more market, less supermarket, since it is the way to buy fresh food and avoid processed products. So, prepare the shopping list and go to the market with the kids!


At home you can prepare together the food that you have bought. Children, from very small, are willing to be more autonomous and can do so by helping us in the kitchen. Washing fruits and vegetables, mixing food, kneading, stirring or shaping croquettes are just some of the things they can do to help us.


Participating in the family menu process, the children are unwittingly associating the foods they a priori do not like with fun activities, such as shopping with mom and dad and preparing food and cooking them. When that plate is later found, which has been prepared with your help, at the table, can you resist trying it?


Good practices at the table

Eating Vegetables

For your little ones to eat vegetables, fish and you must preach by example and eat them too. It may seem obvious, but it is not usually very successful to serve them broccoli with potatoes if you eat a pizza.


If they see you eating healthy foods regularly, they will be interested in them and will want to try them. For this to happen it is important that you sit together at the table, whenever possible. Enjoy a time with your family while you eat is something that your kids will appreciate and contribute to that they are interested in those foods that do not like them too much.


To make the meal a success, try to be as comfortable as possible but have the food at your fingertips. For this, has a highchair with a wide and comfortable backrest, adjustable and reclining. The Pocket Meal highchair folds easily and is very practical to transport, making it ideal for eating at friends and family.


Poket meal

Another good practice when eating is to have a relaxed attitude and without tensions. Even if they do not eat. Making meals a confrontation is not going to change the fact that they do not want to eat those particular foods, on the contrary, they can end up taking mania to a plate. If you offer them quality food, you should not worry about the amount they eat. Some kids,

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