Few Words You Should Reduce Saying To Your Children

A good education is also based on the respect and good treatment we give our children and, consequently, on the clear and coherent message they receive from their parents.

Knowing how to recognize our mistakes and focus on the efforts and achievements of our children are key to our children feel safe and heard. Therefore, we bring you a list of phrases that you should atleast reduce telling your child if you want to become a self-confident, respectful and self-confident adult.


‘Great job’ or ‘Good job’

Although it seems a good way to congratulate a job well done, there are studies that say that throwing such phrases every time the child does something right can cause it to develop dependence on your approval and forget your own motivation to do well. Try to save this kind of compliments for the occasions that are worthwhile and be as specific as possible. Read more about the compliments


‘You’re Fine’ Or ‘Nothing Happens’

When your child falls and comes with tears in his eyes you must follow your instinct and comfort him. If your little one approaches you crying it is because something is not right, so asking him not to cry or that it is okay can cause a confused feeling in the child. These phrases only cause a feeling of shame in our little one and make him repress his feelings. Our mission is to help you understand and also deal with your emotions, not discard them.


‘Hurry’ Or ‘Run’

Your son takes more than the bill to take his breakfast, and we hurry him we will be creating additional pressure. We encourage you to soften the tone by saying, “let’s hurry”, to be a collaborative work. Or maybe you can turn it into a game, “let’s bet to see who gets the pants first”.


‘Be Careful’ Or ‘You’re Going To Fall’

It is true that the more time your son devotes to refining his skills, these will undoubtedly be better. Either way this phrase can increase the pressure they feel when doing an activity that involves winning or being the best. We must encourage them to work and make an effort because this will improve their skills and they will be proud of their progress.


‘I help you’ or ‘it is done like this’

Let them make mistakes and investigate because it is the only way to learn. Helping a child too soon hurts him. “They’re getting the message that if they make mistakes, it’s because they did not train enough,”

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