Do you know the risks of smoking in pregnancy? Tips for not smoking

Numerous studies show that smoking during the gestation period increases complications in pregnancy. Women smokers more frequently suffer from placental abruption and are more likely to have premature delivery. Babies of smoking mothers usually weigh less than the average. A woman who feels unable to quit can follow some tips to reduce the risks.


Numerous studies show that smoking in pregnancy produces harmful effects on the fetus.The children of smoking mothers weigh less at birth than those of non-smoking mothers (around 250g less).

The smoke and toxic substances of tobacco pass from the pregnant woman to the fetus through the blood of the umbilical cord. The baby receives less oxygen and food due to the vasoconstriction of the tubes that nourish it caused by tobacco.

In addition, the risk of complications during pregnancy increases.


Pregnant women who smoke are more likely to have a premature delivery and to suffer a placental abruption, a very serious complication for them and the baby.

The rate of abortions in pregnancies of smoking mothers is also higher. And when the baby is born, some studies indicate that the incidence of sudden infant death is higher in babies of mothers who have smoked during pregnancy.


It is best to eliminate this habit from the beginning of pregnancy. If, in spite of everything, you find it very difficult to quit smoking, try to:

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