Child safety: Stairs and fences

If your baby has just learned to walk, he / she probably is not ready for stairs yet. Please take some precautionary measures at this stage.


  1. Set children windows. Even if your baby is getting really good at walking, he / she is still not ready to get on a stairway. Your baby will want to show his independence and it is important that you make him / her understand that it is important to hold someone in the stairs.


  1. Slide first, go late. It is harder to get down a staircase than uphill. Teach your baby to get down the stairs with your stomach down and your feet first. This is definitely the safest way, and you can make it a game.


  1. With a steady grip. When your baby is big enough to get up and down the stairs yourself. Teach him / her to hold the side rack.

At this age, be sure to be close to your baby as he / she learns the art of walking in a staircase.

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