Child safety: Safety tips for active babies

Nothing can replace a parent’s alert eye, but these seven basic tips make sure that you and your home are ready when your child begins to crawl.


1 Go down to your child’s level – literally. By crawling around at home you will see exactly what items are within your child’s reach. For example, when you creep under your desk you can be reminded of the power socket that is rarely used and must be covered.

  1. Block the staircase. If you have stairs at home, place stair gates both above and below the stairs. If you use tension gates, a child who weighs enough may open them. Wall-mounted gates are a safer alternative.
  2. Remove the cords. Make sure everything with a cord is out of reach, including desktop monitors and phones. It is also a good idea to invest in blinds without strings and the like.


  1. Secure large and heavy objects. When your child begins to crawl, he or she will try to pull up using different objects. Make sure things like TVs and bookshelves are attached to the wall or the floor.
  2. Lock all potentially dangerous objects. The garage, the basement, the bathroom, the home theater and the home office are rooms whose content may be potentially dangerous to your child. Lock and place all
  3. cabinets or drawers with detergents, paints, heavy tools, weights, small objects or chemicals out of reach.
  4. Secure all edges and electrical outlets. Mattress sharp edges on furniture and provide all electrical outlets with pet protection.
  5. Teach your child to walk safely. When your child starts walking you can practice climbing up and down the stairs. Show your child that he or she always stays on the railing. Remove any small carpets that could potentially cause the child to slip and strike.

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